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Business In Prints

Print is always a powerful tool to supplement your marketing efforts today. Business enterprise across the globe still heavily relies on print to promote their brand, products or services. All you need is to look at the power of print in the context.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the assumption from businesses is that their marketing materials will benefit more from switching to digital, which may not be the case always. Although the world is currently living in a digital landscape, the brand must strike a perfect balance between the print and digital vertical in their new age marketing mission.

One of the critical factors of business printing today is that it helps build your brand’s identity. Although the world has gone online, it’s the business cards, brochures, leaflets, and other materials you print that still remain brilliant means to introduce yourself and have an impact on your clients and customers.

Why Prints in Digital Era?

It is a hardcore truth that social media has changed how we communicate, interact and adopt marketing practices. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, linked in, Pinterest, and Instagram are rising, so the fan followings. All the social media platforms have specialist advertising tools for businesses. We also know that all these platforms have sensory-engaging tools at once, such as video and audio, which adds dynamism, creativity and excitement to your marketing campaign. It is a fact today; we just can not make it without social media platforms, be it in our professional, personal or social life.

However, let us have a “Pause ” for a few seconds. How many pop ads do you come across when you are browsing the internet. How much re-marketing advt you come across when you go through your Facebook page? How many push notifications, you receive on your Smartphone?

Just think for a change what people will remember in such a short amount of time. Today, so many businesses compete for your attention, it can be easy to get lost in the competition despite the effort that’s gone into your motion graphics. In the end, can you “ recall ” any messages? The answer is “ NO”. Because with so much n information hits the internet every minute, it is not surprising that the attention span of readers is decreasing. According to a Microsoft study, we now have an attention span of only ” 8″ seconds. It’s a make or breaks game for brands now.

The Business Of Prints - The Advantages

  1. Print Provides a sensory experience
  2. Print Seeks more attention
  3. Liberty to seek bespoke results

The point we driving back home is that you can have a genuinely sensory experience; it’s beneficial to use print instead of relying totally on digital marketing. If you’re using the correct printing technique, then you have the freedom to have bespoke products. This can feature luxury paper, different scents, colour, and stimulating, in-depth images you simply cannot achieve digitally.

Grand Slam Graphics LLC

A New Horizon in Prints & Graphics We love and are passionate about what we are doing. In fact, nothing makes us happier than delivering a bespoke product that helps you to achieve your business goals. We provide top-notch quality printing at a competitive price. Are you looking for customized business cards, brochures, postcards, marketing flyers, folders, reports, posters, letterhead, stickers or door hangers and any below the line material? We have the skills and experience to deliver right on time. Our printing services include.

Offset printing

Gift and Giveaway printing

Digital printing

Variable data printing

Digital to Garment printing

Screen Printing

Large format digital printing

Print on demand

Speciality Business Printing

Annual Reports

We specialize in Annual Report printing and has over 20 years of experience in showcasing companies annual performance. Whatever the printing specifications, we can meet your requirements and provide you with the highest quality of service, on time and within your budget.

Marketing Collateral - Flyer

Flyer and sales leaflets are the perfect way to catch the customer’s attention and promote your brand, especially when created and produced professionally.

Business Cards

Your business card is a reflection of the company’s introduction. Never settle for plain paper and flat design. Create a card that will leave a forever lasting impression.


Your company has a lot to offer, and the best way to sell multiple products and services is by putting them in a high-quality catalogue. Our printing experts entice your customers or other businesses by showing them in the correct perspective.


Newsletters are much more than just telling a story; they represent your business to current and potential customers. We help you spread the word by crafting a classic newsletter that makes headlines with a professional layout, eye-catching designs and vivid imagery. The Print Business is an evolving sector that will continue to experience futuristic innovations in the future. With us at Grand Slam Graphics, you can be sure that every aspect of your printing project will be professionally executed by the skilled and qualified team, whether it is Offset, Digital, Large format. We’ve covered it all. Think print is an old statement now? Think again. In fact, print marketing is still one of the most effective tools in your marketing kit – primarily when it’s used in conjunction with the other New Age marketing efforts.