Customizable T Shirts Cheap

If you thought that getting a T-shirt printed with customized/personalized design could be expensive, then you are quite far away from the truth!

In fact, these days customized/personalized printed T-shirts are very much affordable, thanks to the availability of sophisticated digital printing machines that have immense creative capabilities. They also break the numbers barrier often associated with traditional silkscreen methods in particular.

How is it possible, you may ask? We are using the latest Direct to Garment, or DTG printing technologies. This smart technology lets us print cost-effectively on materials like cotton, polyester, acetate rayon, poly-lycra and acrylics. 

Why DTG? Unlike the cumbersome silkscreen processes, direct to garment printing systems are proving to be extremely popular because they offer a versatile and wide range of options besides time savings.

When you want to customize your designer T-shirts, we would strongly recommend you to use DTG to print on them.

Besides, DTG printing is possible on T-shirts with complex designs. With our technical resources and experienced personnel, we can easily print almost any image regardless of its design complexity. 

The benefits of DTG printing for your customers are many. First, direct to garment printed products are long-lasting, vibrant and reproduce faithfully all full-colors of the design chosen. DTG can capture intricate details of any image which are generally difficult to do with screen printing methods. Volume printing barriers are also removed with DTG printing.

It’s not that DTG is limited to just T-shirt printing. Expand your customized clothing and T-Shirts business with these printing solutions. If you are looking at custom or value print zipped garments, trainers, sleeves etc, we have a perfect cost-effective solution for you.

Whether you own a custom T-shirt printing company or fast print on demand type of set-up and looking for a garment printing business in New Jersey, you have come to the right place.

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