Digital To Garment Printing Services In New Jersey

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a procedure that uses specialised or altered inkjet technology to print on fabrics and apparel. Specialty inks (inkjet textile inks) are directly sprayed to the fabric of the garment and absorb into it. Online T-shirt printers are increasingly using DTG printing as one of their primary methods for providing consumers with full-color graphics.

You may get it done for yourself with custom digital T-shirt printing! Even though direct-to-garment printing can also be a fantastic option for volume printing, it stands out from other decorating methods, such as screen printing, because it allows for single prints and small batches, which gives you the most flexibility in the quantity of shirts you can purchase. Ask us about volume discounts if you want the best deal.

Digital to Garment printing services in New Jersey is able to print a rainbow of colours with ease, unlike screen printing, which only prints one colour at a time onto a shirt. As a result, full-color digital T-shirt printing is more cost-effective than screen printing.Green living is what Gslam Custom T-Shirts & More is dedicated to. DTG is a non-toxic, water based ink that is safe for the environment, making it one of the cleanest methods for decorating personalized garments.

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