New Jersey Screen Printing & Embroidery

Gslamgraphics is a multi-tasking New Jersey-based screen printing & embroidery business offering a whole gamut of solutions to customers and clients. We serve wholesale and business to business / B2B customers with quality and cost-effective screen printing, custom T-shirt printing and embroidery solutions.

As a business practice, gslamgraphics focuses strictly on quality over quantity for the benefit of discerning customers. As responsible corporate citizens in a business, we specialize in eco-friendly water-based screen printing, discharge screen printing and activewear screen printing. 

With our resources, we have the ability to screen print all different types of apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants, accessories, towels, and much more. 

We actively work with customers with promotional bulk apparel, accessories and also undertake contract screen printing. 

On the digital embroidery side of the business we offer:

  • Fast embroidery digitizing services for low volume and large volume customers
  • Digitizing designs (supplied or custom) for machine embroidery work
  • Machine embroidery for custom or personalised orders
  • Custom and personalised

Even as fashion trends change, in true sense embroidered products even in today’s fast-paced life are not restricted to wedding gowns, designer dresses, accessories or interior home items. 

We help our clients unleash their creativity and invite them to explore with us a lot of out of the box applications that include names and logo designs of the organizations, clubs, companies to name a few. 

In short, there are five different (machine and customized) embroidery techniques that we use depending on the customer’s requirements: counted thread embroidery, white work technique, candle wicking embroidery, and shadow work embroidery. Each of them offers specific interpretations of beauty and joy. We are confident that you can express admiration from the viewed work in rapturous form.

We also have specialized highly advanced programmable computerized sewing machines with customized software to embroider up to 1,200 stitches per square inch with multiple colored threads. So if your requirement is a simple or intricate design work on fabric, we create and deliver that masterpiece embroidery design to you.

After each layer, the inks are heat dried at the correct temperature. We allow the ink to dry for 48hrs before doing the stretch test that ensures the printed surface is perfect and not cracked. 

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