Counted Thread Embroidery In New Jersey

The art of decorating fabrics using needle and thread is not new and has been around for many centuries. Elaborate and time-consuming hand stitching techniques have been handed over through generations. Besides the traditional methods, you now have sophisticated machines doing similar work much faster. 

Machine embroidery is in general more convenient and time-saving than traditional hand embroidery. Both systems have their respective pros and cons.

Among various embroidery styles, what makes Counted thread embroidery so unique is that it uses patterns that are measured by the number of threads in the even-weave fabric or canvas. A time-tested formula is used to determine the number of threads per square inch and this helps in deciding on the size of the stitches as well as finished embroidery. For clients and customers in New Jersey, we are offering high class embroidery services.

Feel free to explore the world of Counted thread embroidery options. You will be pleasantly surprised as to what we can offer when it comes to Cross Stitch, Assisi Embroidery, Spanish Blackwork, Hardanger, Drawn Thread, Drawn Fabric and Canvas work. Besides, we also used advanced digital machines that can perform simple or complex embroidery work in a fraction of time. 

If you are in the New Jersey market for Embroidery Digitizing services, then you can contact us for your requirements. We can convert any design into embroidery works of art! Whether it’s a low volume custom job or volume order, we cater to all.

Our advanced machines use specialized software that successfully converts artwork or images (supplied or downloaded) into machine readable files. These digital inputs are programmed into the embroidery machines to finish the job. 

Embroidered products like shirts, Tees are great for boosting your brand, business, team or organization. In addition, we also offer traditional screen printing and embroidery services for our customers in New Jersey.

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