Direct To Garment Digital Printing Near Me

If you are part of the fast paced garment printing business in New Jersey, then don’t ignore this. Online garment sales have sky-rocketed for many businesses despite the negative effects in the retail market due to Covid-19 pandemic. The reason for this boom in business is that millennial is increasing their spending for graphic printed clothing featuring unique designs and ordering them online. 

Now, for you to survive a market depression and continue a profitable business, it’s also equally important that as a clothing manufacturer you have a reliable partner who can print on an array of fabrics both quickly and at affordable prices near you.

That’s where Gslamgraphics come in with its state-of-the-art Digital printing technologies for quick turnover, quality printing and the ability to execute variable printing volumes near you in New Jersey. 

From our end, when you deal with us, you get the benefit of the latest Direct to Garment, or DTG printing technologies. Gslamgraphics can custom print on materials like cotton, polyester, acetate rayon, poly-lycra and acrylics.

Any image — stock or supplied can be printed directly onto your apparel by gslamgraphics. We use cutting edge scanners, printers and high-quality eco-friendly consumables. 

Our processes allow us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color designs using dye sublimation or water-based inks. So, there’s no wastage or dead stock to cope with.

For high print quality rich colors prints on natural fibers, polyesters, and nylon gslamgraphics use eco-friendly fibra textile inks.

Unlike the very long and time consuming process of screen printing that may involve various stages depending on the design and number of colors, DTG is cost-effective and time-saving as the process captures intricate details of the image which are usually difficult to do with traditional screen printing. For screen printing to be economically viable, there’s a minimum order quantity that may or may not be viable to the customer if the requirements are small.

With our seasoned team of direct to garment printers, the scope of printing designs is virtually limitless and there are no economic constraints on order size. Our DTG processes allow printing on garments that are difficult to print with other systems such as zipped garments, trainers, sleeves among others.

Our Direct to garment digital printing service is a boon for businesses seeking more options in customization or personalization fabric products.

Do feel free to connect with us for your garment digital printing requirements in New Jersey.

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